The Vaccine Answer Book – 200 Essential Answers to Help You Make the Right Decisions

The Vaccine Answer Book – 200 Essential Answers to Help You Make the Right Decisions
pdf | 2.53 MB | English | Isbn:B003H29C9I |
Author: Jamie Loehr M.D. | PAge: 322 | Year: 2009


From the cover of Time magazine to high-profile celebrity crusades, childhood vaccines are one of the most intensely debated topics affecting parents today. The Vaccine Answer Book cuts through the controversy, giving parents impartial answers to more than 200 of the top questions about vaccines.
Written by an experienced MD who is also a father of four, this pocketsize reference guide includes essential basic information about vaccines and the public health rationale behind them, a complete explanation of the recommended vaccine schedule for children, and detailed information on each specific vaccine. It also includes full disclosure of all the possible vaccine side effects, situations when you shouldn’t vaccinate, and an unbiased explanation of recent controversies involving vaccines, including the purported link between vaccines and autism.
The Vaccine Answer Book is a parent’s must-have guide to fully understanding this hot-button issue and making confident, informed decisions. Readers will find trusted answers to questions such as:

  • How effective are vaccines?
  • What is thimerosal and why was it removed from childhood vaccines?
  • Is there a link between MMR and autism?
  • What should I do if I decide that I don’t want to vaccinate my child or want to choose an alternative vaccine schedule?
  • Is it better to get vaccinations in a group or to spread them out?

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