Out of Alignment Hearts HorsePower 5 – A K Evans

Out of Alignment Hearts Horsepower 5 – A K Evans
epub | 548.11 KB | English | Isbn:B08HXBQPXT |
Author: Evans, A.K. | PAge: 280 | Year: 2021


Parker Banks is a creature of habit.

Unfortunately, her schedule isn’t going according to plan. After experiencing one of the worst weeks of her life, the last thing she needs is some guy thinking he can fix her problems.

Nash Stevens is all about precision. An industry-leading chassis tuner, he’s partly responsible for the record-setting cars coming out of LT Motorsports.

When carefree Nash spots a frustrated woman one morning, he tries to offer advice. Following a hostile encounter, Parker and Nash go their separate ways. But a few days later, Parker finds herself face-to-face with the man she scolded.

Only, this time, he needs her help.

Embarrassed, Parker tries to apologize for her behavior. Despite her sincerity, Nash doesn’t seem receptive. And that’s when Parker realizes she should have appreciated when things were out of alignment.

Because now she can’t get Nash out of her head.

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