In Flames – Elise Faber

In Flames – Elise Faber
epub | 646.22 KB | English | Isbn:B08LSLNLBC |
Author: Elise Faber | PAge: 211 | Year: 2021


Healer Suz was known for her cool head, steady presence, and impeccable composure under pressure-a pressure that included magical attacks against her people, the Rengalla, and her on the front lines, healing any injuries they sustained.
But her position at the Colony was more than that.
If someone twisted their ankle, she repaired the tendons and ligaments.
If a baby was being born, she was there, welcoming them into the world.
If an idiot soldier got hurt doing idiot soldier things, she yelled at them . . . then healed whatever injury had brought them her way.
She took care of people. The need was ingrained in her heart and soul.
Along with . . . loneliness.
She wanted someone of her own she could take care of.
The trouble was she wanted a particular someone.
And Graham hadn’t ever bothered to give her the time of day.

Category:Werewolf & Shifter Romance, Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance

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