I Wonder as I Wander An Autobiographical Journey

I Wonder as I Wander An Autobiographical Journey
pdf | 3.94 MB | English | Isbn:B015MPPDGI |
Author: Langston Hughes | PAge: 445 | Year: 2015


In I Wonder as I Wander, Langston Hughes vividly recalls the most dramatic and intimate moments of his life in the turbulent 1930s.

His wanderlust leads him to Cuba, Haiti, Russia, Soviet Central Asia, Japan, Spain (during its Civil War), through dictatorships, wars, revolutions. He meets and brings to life the famous and the humble, from Arthur Koestler to Emma, the Black Mammy of Moscow. It is the continuously amusing, wise revelation of an American writer journeying around the often strange and always exciting world he loves.

Category:Black & African American Literary Criticism, Black & African American Literary Criticism, Cultural & Regional Biographies

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