Huntress and the Thorn Court A – D C Gambel

Huntress and the Thorn Court A – D C Gambel
epub | 272.77 KB | English | Isbn:B08V4QCP21 |
Author: D.C. Gambel | PAge: 155 | Year: 2021


What happens at the Thorn Court stays at the Thorn Court.

Isabel is not your average princess. All she wants to do is keep peace among the preternatural community, but when she mistakenly kills an innocent werewolf, the cost of peace may be a steeper price than she’s willing to pay.

Gideon is a beast of a man. As the pack alpha he has to be. When an opportunity practically lands in his lap, he’s driven to seize it, even if it means taking Isabel, a princess of The Order, as his prisoner.

When attraction blooms, Isabel has no choice but to resist the sexy alpha. If she doesn’t, her very future at the order could be in jeopardy.

Huntress and the Thorn Court, originally published in the USA Today Bestselling Boxset, Once Upon Another World, is book one in The World of the Hunter Order. If you enjoy enemies-to-lover romances, filled with conflict and steam, then you’ll love this Urban Fantasy twist on the classic Beauty and the Beast.

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