Hot Neighbor – Suzanne Hart

Hot Neighbor – Suzanne Hart
epub | 325.3 KB | English | Isbn:B08KP8BTRS |
Author: Suzanne Hart | PAge: 259 | Year: 2021


Hating my hottie neighbor is easy,

He’s your typical rich billionaire that gets what he wants,

And what he wants is my company.

I’ll fight like hell to make sure he doesn’t end up my boss too.

I’m not saying he’s not delicious to look at,

But that cocky, golden boy act…no thank you.

If there’s one redeeming facet of his life,

It’s his adorable little daughter.

Before I’ve realized what’s happening,

He’s charmed his way into more than just my company.

One minute I want to tell him to go to hell,

and the next I’m screaming his name in ecstasy.

Was that his plan all along?

Take control of my company,

Then control of my body?

I don’t know who I can trust-but even worse,

I don’t even know if I can trust my own heart.

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