Cowgirl Fallin for the Neighbo – Natalie Dean

Cowgirl Fallin for the Neighbo – Natalie Dean
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Author: Natalie Dean | PAge: 215 | Year: 2021


She’s the beauty with a smile that won’t quit and a heart of gold. He’s the cranky, prideful rancher who wants help from no one. Trouble is. she won’t take no for an answer.

Quirky, six-foot-tall Clara Miller has it all. And although she’s on the bigger side, she’s gorgeous from head to toe. She’s got all the money she could ever need, a successful ranch where she gets to tend to her chickens and vegetable garden, and a Papa and siblings who are loving and supportive.

So why does it still feel like something’s missing?

Nathan Westbrook is living a nightmare. He’s angry, bitter, scarred, in constant pain, and beyond frustrated.

Getting struck by lightning will do that to a man.

He was practically self-sustained on his homestead. Now it’s tough just getting dressed everyday, much less getting the animals fed and the gardens tended to.

When Clara volunteers at church to take a meal and groceries to a man on the outskirts of town, she has no idea what she’s in for. After all, she just wants to be of service. And seeing folks enjoy her food makes her day.

Nathan doesn’t want anyone’s help. He’s a loner and likes it that way. Then one day, she busts down his door, and everything changes.

Can this country beauty tame the beast Nathan has become? Or will he run her off before she has the chance.

Meet the Miller family – Three interconnected series – Tons of stellar reviews between all of the books. And enough reading to keep you busy for a long time!

Author’s Note:
Brides of Miller Ranch N.M. is a spin-off series of my two best-selling series Brothers of Miller Ranch and Miller Brothers of Texas. Fans have liked the Miller Family Saga so much, I decided to write about their final set of cousins in New Mexico! This new series is all about their cousins who own a smaller ranch (compared to the Montana and Texas Millers) and this time, it’s about cowgirls finding their dream men. Download a Brides of Miller Ranch, N.M. book today and come on this sweet cowgirl journey with me!

Also, download the Miller Brothers of Texas Prologue for FREE! Visit to find out how.

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