Sex Positions A Complete Guide To Enjoying Sex More Than Ever Before

Sex Positions A Complete Guide To Enjoying Sex More Than Ever Before
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Author: Alyssa Sherman | PAge: 108 | Year: 2019


You are about to learn how to stop having boring sex!

Let’s be honest; the reason you are reading this is because you are somewhat concerned or bored with your sex game.
You are tired of using the same old missionary, doggy and cowgirl styles in almost every encounter.
There is nothing wrong with these but using them or a variation of these in every encounter does get boring at some point! And even if you are not bored with the range of sex positions that you use, you definitely want to increase your collection of sex styles you will unleash every time you are having sex to make every session orgasmic and one that will leave you and your partner feeling flushed and ecstatic.
How to you make this a reality?
How do you make your partner look at you with lustful eyes every time he/she sees you? How do you get hornier than before so that you can literally romp anywhere using all manner of simple to complex sex positions?
This book will show you just that!
Whether your sex life is great for now and you want to keep it up there or you are losing the spark and want to reignite it, you will find this book helpful.

In it, you will find:

  • Beginner friendly sex positions that will catapult your sex life to the next level irrespective of your experience, age, body size, or fitness level
  • Intermediate sex positions that will make you hornier than never before
  • Advanced sex positions that you’ve never seen anywhere, which will leave both of you blushing in ecstasy
  • How to give great oral in 6 different ways to leave your partner have a mind blowing toe curling, body numbing and eye rolling orgasms
  • Bulletproof ways to have orgasms every time you have sex
  • G-spot stimulating sex positions that will make you have sexual experiences like no other
  • How not to cum too fast to ensure you satisfy your partner every single time
  • And much more!

The sex positions are nicely categorized to help you find something that suits your situation and goal. For example, you will find naughty sex positions, romantic sex positions, best positions for men, best positions for women and much more!

What are you waiting for?

Don’t be left behind.
Join 1000s of happy people who have put their sex lives on overdrive by introducing variety in the sexual positions they use!

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