Planetology – How to Align with the Natural Rhythms of the Universe

Planetology – How to Align with the Natural Rhythms of the Universe
epub | 3.45 MB | English | Isbn:B085N43B7M |
Author: Annie Botticelli | PAge: 285 | Year: 2020


This is the first mainstream book to look at the whole range of astrological rhythms, including the planetary retrogrades and eclipses as well as the monthly moon cycle, in order to achieve success and a more contented and naturally flowing life.
This is the first-ever mainstream guide to working with the astrological cycles of the Universe. It will allow you to plan ahead and achieve more success in your projects, by taking risks at certain times and avoiding them at others, and also enable you to live more fully and joyfully, flowing with the natural rhythms of life. Accessible to complete beginners as well as offering more complex insights to those who already practise astrology, Planetology is packed full of hands-on projects to help readers work with Mercury, Venus, Mars and the sun and moon, each project with three levels of increasingly complex tasks that are designed to draw readers up to mastery level.
At the book’s core is Annie Botticelli’s ASTRO system,…

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