Kama Sutra Sex Positions Guide – The World’s Original Guide to the Most Pleasurabl…

Kama Sutra Sex Positions Guide – The World’s Original Guide to the Most Pleasurable Sex
epub | 1.19 MB | English | Isbn:978-3949231483 |
Author: Hp | PAge: 140 | Year: 2020


Never worry about being thought of as boring in bed again.
Keep your man on his toes, wowed, and surprised – even if you’ve been together for years!
The Kama Sutra Sex Positions Guide takes ancient tricks and techniques and teaches you how to achieve maximum pleasure with your partner.
With teachings passed down for thousands of years, the Kama Sutra is both a physical and spiritual experience to be shared with your partner in the bedroom.
Feel confident, sexy, and satisfied with the hundreds of positions included in this guide.
Caution: Contains Explicit Pictures
With this guide on your nightstand, you will:
Discover the history of the kama sutra, why it’s so effective, and how it has worked for thousands of years
Have hundreds of sex positions with pictures and explanations to try with your partner to find your favorites
Feel confident and sexy the next time you close the door to your bedroom with your partner
Bring excitement and passion back into your sex life after years of being together with your partner
Overcome any anxiety or insecurities you may have while being with your partner in the bedroom
Connect with your partner on both a physical and spiritual level to enhance your relationship and feel closer to them
Become an expert in the kama sutra and be advanced in the art of seduction between the sheets
And Much More!
Say goodbye to boring sex and hello to fun, exciting, and satisfying sex!
Introduce the unusual and effective teachings and positions of the kama sutra into the bedroom and experience maximum pleasure.
Are you ready to bring back passion and excitement into your sex life?
…Then Order Your Copy of the Guide Today!

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