I Love My Juicer – Over 100 Fast, Fresh Juices and Smoothies

I Love My Juicer – Over 100 Fast, Fresh Juices and Smoothies
epub | 56.39 MB | English | Isbn:B076938WYM |
Author: Natalie Savona | PAge: 176 | Year: 2003


100 fast, fresh juices and smoothies to truly allow you to make the most of your juicer.
Nothing beats the flavour of a freshly made juice – and they are so much more economical and wholesome than the brands that line the supermarket shelves. But once the initial enthusiasm for your juicer wears off, it can be easy to get into a rut and lose the benefits that homemade juices and smoothies can offer.
With over 100 brilliantly varied recipes, Natalie Savona’s innovative ingredient combinations will reignite your love of your juicer. Simple recipes bring out the health and taste benefits, divided into chapters of Delicious Detoxers, Energy Boosters, Gut Soothers, Immunity Helpers and Skin Savers, to help you find the right drink for any occasion. And an easy-to-use symbol system highlights each juice’s suitability for special diets of all types.
Packed with photographs and nutritional information, this is the perfect kitchen companion to unlock all the benefits that…

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