Super Science Lab Activity Book By DK

Super Science Lab Activity Book By DK
pdf | 17.06 MB | English | Isbn:1465451358 |
Author: Richard Hammond | PAge: 65 | Year: 2018


This award-winning science book is bubbling over with entertaining and educational experiments for budding scientists to follow at home or in the classroom.

Build a soap-powered sailboat, recreate the Solar System out of rubber bands, construct your own colorful kaleidoscope, or make mouthwatering monster marshmallows. Explore the whole range of imaginative activities offered.

A foreword by Jack Andraka, a teen award-winning inventor, sets the tone for this spectacular book. Try your hand at 28 different science projects, using simple instructions, everyday ingredients, and stunning photography to guide you from start to finish. Plus fact-filled panels explain the science behind each and every experiment, while contemporary examples give a clear context to better understand important scientific principles.

Grab your goggles, put on your lab coat, and let’s get started!

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