Shadow (GUARDIANS OF MAYHEM MC #6) by Hope Stone

Shadow (GUARDIANS OF MAYHEM MC #6) by Hope Stone
epub | 181.42 KB | English | Isbn:B08LVGRF55 |
Author: Hope Stone | PAge: 63 | Year: 2021


★ NEW SERIES ★ From Amazon #1 Best Selling Author and Top 100 Kindle Select All-Star Hope Stone

WARNING: The Guardians of Mayhem MC Series is an adrenaline fueled, MC romance series that will have you HOOKED from the first page! Get ready for the ultimate BINGE READING experience with this steamy, action packed 7-book series!  
Sometimes even those in the shadows have to step into the light…
Shadow, the dark sexy brooding biker, the one who does the grunt work at the club. The small things that keep the wheels turning.
When he met sweet Ava with her cute apron and pretty smile his whole life changed.
The Guardians are facing the fight of their lives, from all angles they are prisoners in their own town trapped on either side. 
She’s the only one who knows about Shadow’s secret hobbies and shares them with him.
He found her knee deep in the midst of chaos in his life, she’s like an angel to him.
With Officer Brant out for blood, the Edgewood cops cavorting the system and someone burning buildings…

Will this dark horse step forward to steady the club? 
Will the sultry Ava be able to withstand the heat that threatens to unravel a beautiful beginning for them both? 
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Recommended Reading Order For Guardians Of Mayhem MC Romance Series (Volume 1) by Hope Stone:
1. Finn
2. Havoc
3. Axle
4. Rush
5. Red
6. Shadow
7. Shaggy

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