Number Darts Mental Maths Puzzles

Number Darts Mental Maths Puzzles
pdf | 237.61 KB | English | Isbn:B0876DZK5M |
Author: Clarity Media | PAge: 61 | Year: 2020


Number Darts Mental Maths Puzzles
Welcome to this brand-new book, containing 100 fantastic number darts mental arithmetic puzzles!
With an attractive presentation, these puzzles make practicing and developing mental arithmetic fun. Simply throw three virtual darts at the board to make each of the three target numbers. For instance, can you pick one number from each of the three rows below that together sum up to 104?
10, 30, 32, 12
28, 16, 35, 17
26, 37, 29, 21
Can you throw three imaginary darts at the grid to hit numbers that sum up to each of the three totals?
Here’s how to play
Select one number from each of the three rings on the board that sum up to the first target number. Then repeat to find the second and third target numbers.
There are three mental arithmetic sums to perform for every number darts board in the book, and that means there are 300 practice mental arithmetic addition puzzles in total to enjoy and develop your maths skills.

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