Minimalism – 3 Manuscripts – Minimalist Home, Minimalist Budget, Minimalism for Fa…

Minimalism – 3 Manuscripts – Minimalist Home, Minimalist Budget, Minimalism for Families
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Author: Addison Fenn | PAge: 180 | Year: 2018


Health, wealth, and relationships are probably the most important aspects of life. Without any one of the three, you would end up living a less fulfilling life. As such, this book includes 3 manuscripts to optimize these aspects of life through minimalism:

  • Minimalist Home: Declutter Your Home and Simplify Your Life with Minimalist Living
  • Minimalist Budget: Spend Less and Live More with a Minimalist Lifestyle
  • Minimalism for Families: Live a Minimalist Life in a Minimalist Home with the Ones You Love

Without health, you can’t enjoy your wealth or your relationships. It can be hard to gauge your health, but your home is a physical representation of your mental health. Is it unorganized and messy? Wouldn’t you rather come home to a sanctuary as opposed to a dump? Your physical environment affects your mental health, and your mental health affects your physical environment. So start taking control of your mental health with a Minimalist Home.
Without wealth, you would not have time for yourself. Instead, you would be spending all of your time accumulating wealth. Spending too much time working jobs you don’t enjoy is guaranteed to deteriorate both your health and your relationships. Luckily for you wealth is a mindset, and it starts with a Minimalist Budget.
Without relationships, you are alone. You exist, but you leave no legacy. You will be forgotten. Many people may choose a path that is different from the norm, such as minimalism, and sacrifice relationships in the process. However, this does not have to be the case. Minimalism does not have to be an individual’s journey: Instead, opt for Minimalism for Families.
As you can see health, wealth, and relationships are like the pillars of life while minimalism is the vehicle. Everything works cohesively. The only missing ingredient is your willingness to participate. Are you ready to change your life with minimalism?

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