Man After Man – An Anthropology of the Future

Man After Man – An Anthropology of the Future
epub | 16.58 MB | English | Isbn:B00ICN066A |
Author: Dougal Dixon, Philip Hood | PAge: 469 | Year: 2015


Man After Man is an ambitious attempt to view the future as far distant from us as those ramapithecine creatures whose fragmentary remains turn up in African fossil beds. What is our future? Will the human race exist in 1,000 years time? In 10,000 years? In 100,000 years time? If so, what will we look like and how will we behave? How will we have developed or adapted, and why? What will be the effect of that change on other animals? Man After Man is an illustrated anthropology of the future. It shows how the human race might evolve naturally or be adapted to face life under the sea or in space. And how the descendants of Homo sapiens might meet the harsh challenge of a new ice age or the adverse conditions imposed by the greenhouse effect, ozone depletion or magnetic reversal.
Editor’s Note: My grandmother gave me this book when I was 12 years old. I found it beautiful yet grotesque, thought-provoking yet delightfully absurd, and it sparked a lifelong love of science fiction and learning for me. I’ve created this epub version in the hopes that a new generation may experience it. I’ve placed margin and full-page images before the relevant text, as that’s where your eye naturally wanders in the paper version. Please share! -Bao

Category:History of Biology & Nature, Anthropology, Ancient Early Civilization History

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