London’s Transport Recalled – A Pictorial History

London’s Transport Recalled – A Pictorial History
pdf | 69.28 MB | English | Isbn:B07TXKVH7P |
Author: Martin Jenkins | PAge: 202 | Year: 2019


A portrait of midcentury London and its trams, trains, trolleybuses, ferries, and more, filled with color photos from 1948-1969.

The rich variety of transport in the London area is reflected in this color album from Martin Jenkins and Charles Roberts. Using mainly previously unpublished color views from the period 1948-1969, they have assembled a remarkable array of views covering all modes of transport. The reader is taken on a fascinating journey of discovery, not knowing what will be around the next corner-encountering buses, trams, and trolleybuses; main line steam, diesel and electric; London Transport electric and steam as well as little-known industrial railways; activities on the Thames, in docks, and on canals; liners, ferries, and pleasure steamers; plus aviation and even a coal merchant’s horse-drawn cart.

Captioned images in stunning color have been selected wherever possible to show changing streetscapes, buildings, and fashions, bringing the period to life. This book is a tribute to those photographers who had the foresight to record these scenes before they were swept away in the name of progress.

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