Job Hunting – The Insider’s Guide to Job Hunting and Career Change

Job Hunting – The Insider’s Guide to Job Hunting and Career Change
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Author: Emily Anderson | PAge: 146 | Year: 2017


Job Hunting: The Insider’s Guide To Job Hunting and Career Change 

Cut the fat from job searching and find a job you love. In this guide to job-hunting and career changing, you’ll get the tips and tricks to make yourself stand out to recruiters and employers. With guides to uncovering what you really want out of work to answering those tricky interview questions with finesse, this guide will have you listing “Dream Job” as your current position on your resume. This guide has interviews filled with tips and trips from Human Resources professfionals and seasoned recruiters. Get an inside track on your job hunt or an edge in changing careers. 

Inside you will find: 

●    Organize your resume to make it appealing to anyone who looks at it
●    Market yourself online to get you noticed by the right people
●    Leave the guess work out of your relationship with recruiters
●    Guide to how to leave your employer in good standing 
●    Examples and practice questions to ace the interview and get the call back you want!

●    And much more…

Grab your copy today if you are serious about advancing your job hunt or career change! 

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