How to Analyze People – Analyze Body Language & Personality Types (Mind Control)

How to Analyze People – Analyze Body Language & Personality Types (Mind Control)
pdf, azw3 | 1.06 MB | English | Isbn:978-1801115896 |
Author: Tina Berg | PAge: 73 | Year: 2020


Have you ever been fascinated by the inner workings of the human mind?
Have you ever looked at the art of psychology in wonder, desiring to withhold the unlimited power the knowledge of the human brain gives out?
Have you ever looked at someone, wishing they were an open book for you to read and not so annoyingly indecipherable?
If the answer is yes at least to one of these questions, then you’re in the right place.
We have collected the most advanced, quick, and successful techniques that will allow you to literally read inside anyone’s mind…
Techniques that can be considered "dark," too: Not only you will be able to dive deep into their psyche, understanding their most private, innermost thoughts and feelings…
Not only you’ll be able to instantly connect with people, capturing their brain waves, and understanding what to do to make them at ease and comfortable…
No, this bundle doesn’t stop at that.
While the first book purely teaches you to read people’s minds (no innate talent or years of training required!), the second book will allow you to maneuver people as if they were puppets on a string.
The dark psychology secrets inside will let you persuade people, brainwash them, get them to like you… All of this, while teaching you how to not be obvious about it.
At the end of these readings, you’ll be walking around people’s brains on your tiptoes, leaving no trace behind, but capturing their most private thoughts with ease.
Don’t wait anymore, get you copy now!

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