Diabetic-Friendly Dessert & Sweet Treat Recipe Collection – Easy-to-Prepare Collec…

Diabetic-Friendly Dessert & Sweet Treat Recipe Collection – Easy-to-Prepare Collection of Sugar-free,Diabetic-friendly Desserts
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Author: Silverman, Nancy | PAge: 84 | Year: 2014


At the end of a meal, nearly everyone has the same question: "What’s for dessert?" Now, for people with diabetes, there’s a good answer. No-Fuss Diabetes Desserts is designed to satisfy any sweet tooth with dozens of dessert recipes specifically designed for those with diabetes. Best of all, these desserts are simple, fast, and, of course, very tasty. For most newly diagnosed people with diabetes, the assumption is that desserts and sweets are a thing of the past, but any meal plan can accommodate something sweet as long as the portions are appropriate and the ingredients are selected carefully. Author Linda Gassenheimer also shows that dessert doesn’t have to be elaborate, just something that’s quick, easy, very delicious, and not likely to break a calorie or carbohydrate bank. In fact, most of the desserts in this book take only minutes to make. Most importantly, No-Fuss Diabetes Desserts shows that people with diabetes can end a meal with dessert and not feel guilty or left out. These are quick desserts that can be made with very little effort, all based on simple ingredients found in a local supermarket.

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