CVA Certified VoIP Analyst Study Guide – TCO CVA Certification Study Guide

CVA Certified VoIP Analyst Study Guide – TCO CVA Certification Study Guide
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Author: Coll, Eric, Coll, Eric | PAge: 154 | Year: 2020


Certification study guide and companion reference textbook for the TCO Certified Wireless Analyst (CVA) courses and exams. The CVA Study Guide corresponds directly to the CVA online courses and exams. For each lesson, detailed text notes are provided along with the main graphic.

Many people find they learn better with a companion book!

Get a complete understanding of Voice over IP and SIP, with CVA Certification to prove it.

CVA covers all aspects of Voice over IP, including all the different ways VoIP is implemented, how calls are set up with softswitches and SIP, how voice is packetized and the factors affecting sound quality, connecting to carriers and SIP trunking, and network quality with MPLS, Service Level Agreements and Class of Service.

The Certified VoIP Analyst Certification includes six online courses and exams:
2221 Fundamentals of Voice over IP
2222 VoIP Architectures and Implementation Choices
2223 Softswitches, SIP, Call Setup and SIP Trunking
2224 Voice Packetization, Codecs and Voice Quality
2225 SIP Trunking and Carrier Connections
2226 IP Network Quality: CoS, QoS, MPLS AND SLAs

This knowledge enables a CVA to stand out from the rest, with demonstrated broad and deep vendor-agnostic knowledge of VoIP systems and best practices.

This kind of knowledge enables higher-paying positions performing analysis, writing reports, making recommendations and providing effective, value-added contributions in project management, business and product development, software design, sales, marketing and finance.

Invest in yourself with the CVA Certification Package from Teracom Training Institute! The CVA Certification Package Unlimited Plan includes the six CVA online courses and the TCO CVA Certification Exam, both with unlimited repeats – which means guaranteed to pass, and refresh your knowledge anytime.

Get up to speed on all major topics, at your own pace. Understand the fundamentals, technologies, jargon, buzzwords and most importantly, the underlying ideas … and how it all fits together.

Plus, get your Telecommunications Certification Organization (TCO) Certified VoIP Analyst (CVA) Certification to prove it!

Upgrade your skills – and your résumé – with this training and certification today!

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