Chess Openings for Beginners – 101 Smart Tactics to Win (Almost) Every Game

Chess Openings for Beginners – 101 Smart Tactics to Win (Almost) Every Game
pdf, epub, azw3 | 12.89 MB | English | Isbn:B08SL97J6D |
Author: Phillips, Rick | PAge: 82 | Year: 2021


Looking for a guide to kickstart your game like a Grandmaster?
Then this book is all you will ever need….

This legendary game has survived to nowadays for its unquestionable charm in making the player a sharp strategist of the battlefield. To be successful in this ancient game, you need to have an arsenal of practical and replicable strategies to mislead your opponent and pressure him with unexpected plays. In particular, to be mathematically certain of achieving a victory, it is necessary to set up clever opening strategies that leave no room for your opponent’s flukes.

The rules of chess are few and easy to learn; however, it may take a long time before improving and defeating opponents. But then how can you quickly become a master and consistently close winning games?

You’ve come to the right place! In this entertaining book, bestselling author Rick Phillips provides a simple, straightforward approach for mastering chess effectively. The tactics illustrated inside are often deeply related to chess grandmasters’ playing style, providing a vibrant replicable system to become a brilliant chess strategist. Incorporating the "weapons" explained inside will enrich your confidence in the game by leading you to one great victory over another.

 Here are some features you will discover:

  • The legendary story behind this game and why you should know it to become a real player
  • All the instructions explained in detail to interiorize the fundamentals of this game
  • Clever openings you won’t find elsewhere to unsettle your opponent in the early phase
  • Smart strategic traps tricky-to-spot to dominate the board in the middle-game
  • Relentless closings (too undervalued) to end the game with a crushing victory
  • Valuable Tips & Tricks from the Grand Masters of chess to take your game to the next level
  • And much, much more!

Most chess opening books are either too detailed or too shallow. Chess Opening for Beginners® has exactly the right balance and is an accessible primer and reference book at the same time. Whether you are an advanced user or an absolute beginner, this book will lay a solid groundwork to become a chess master sooner than you can imagine.

An easy-to-understand guide to chess strategy – conceptual planning – has always been an amateur’s dream. This book makes this dream a reality. Prepare to be surprised, amazed, amused, and informed…

Get your copy of this book now and start collecting wins!

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