536 Puzzles And Curious Problems

536 Puzzles And Curious Problems
pdf | 14.49 MB | English | Isbn:B086XL1WG9 |
Author: Henry Dudeney | PAge: 442 | Year: 2020


I have rearranged and reclassified the puzzles that appear in this collection,
but only minimally edited the text. British words such as "petrol" have been
changed to their American equivalents; long paragraphs have been broken
into shorter ones to make for easier reading; and in problems about money
American currency has been substituted for British. Some of Dudeney’s money
problems, so dependent on the relationships between British coins that they
cannot be formulated with American currency, have been omitted. In the few
cases where duplicate problems, with only trivially different story lines, appeared
in the two books I have chosen the version I considered best and left
out the other. Titles for problems remain unaltered so that those who may wish
to check back to the former appearance of a puzzle can do so easily. The
illustrations reproduce the original drawings (some of them done by Mrs.
Fulleylove when she was a young girl), enlarged and occasionally retouched
to make them clearer.

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