35 Days Of Confidence Find Your Voice, Fulfill Your Dreams And Focus Your Inner Power

35 Days Of Confidence Find Your Voice, Fulfill Your Dreams And Focus Your Inner Power
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Author: Alyssa A. Austin | PAge: 153 | Year: 2019


“This wonderful, warm insightful book shows you a series of proven strategies that you can use immediately to supercharge your life.”
-Brian Tracy, Motivational Speaker and Best Selling Author of “Goals!” and “Eat That Frog!”

Are you tired of waiting for “your moment” to shine?

Are you READY to finally step into the spotlight and become the leading lady of your own life?

In “35 Days of Confidence,” award-winning performer and professional communicator, Alyssa A. Austin, reaches deep into her stage and career experience to reveal confidence tricks of the trade, as well as some cold hard truth-telling about who is ultimately responsible for your life and your happiness (spoiler alert: it’s YOU).

Over the course of 35 concise, expressive, and refreshingly honest chapters, Austin shares confidence-building anecdotes, lessons, and journaling prompts to help you:

-Discover and own your true passions
-Reshape your verbal and physical communication habits
-Take decisive action towards your own success and happiness

By the end of “35 Days of Confidence,” you will fiercely believe in yourself and the potential of your dreams. Start YOUR journey to true confidence today!

“35 Days of Confidence is a provocative and insightful journey into yourself. By engaging your heart, mind and spirit in the challenges, one can dig deep into themselves to find self acceptance and self confidence. You can define your dreams and learn the steps to achieve them. Alyssa has an incredible awareness into people and what we need to be a personal and professional success. I highly recommend 35 Days of Confidence. It is a timeless tool that can be utilized at many life stages and transitions.”
-Patricia N. Thompson MSW

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