2THREE15 – A practical guide to convey strategies

2THREE15 – A practical guide to convey strategies
epub | 11.53 MB | English | Isbn:B07SQFW1GH |
Author: Oscar Gómez Cruz | PAge: 341 | Year: 2019


2THREE15 shows communication tools that will be very useful for the decision maker, public work in the public or private sector, the elements to communicate ideas in a clear and practical way. Having a good idea is no longer enough, now it is necessary to learn to communicate and base a practical strategy. The great contribution of the author is the creation of the communication tool 2THREE15, the quality has the purpose of identifying and selecting the means and the optimal channels so that the ideas adapt to the understandable form. It is an ideal book for the desire to convey an idea in a powerful and convincing way.

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