Love and Marriage by Margaret Thornton [epub]

Love and Marriage by Margaret Thornton
epub | 1.33 MB | English | Isbn:0062742701 |
Author: Margaret Thornton | PAge: 256 | Year: 2018


"A heartwarming portrait of three young women transitioning from fiancé to wife and mother" (Booklist).

England, 1957. Newly-wed Val Walker is looking forward to starting a family. Her best friend Cissie-who used to be the flighty one-is now expecting her second child, and their mutual friend Janice recently got engaged to her boyfriend Paul. All three should be happy, but life doesn’t always go according to plan . . .

Val discovers that getting pregnant with her first child isn’t so easy. Cissie’s husband Walter starts taking an interest in a new female colleague while she’s home alone and pregnant. And Janice is consumed with guilt about leaving her widowed father and young brother behind in Blackpool to start her new life in Yorkshire.

As they confront these and other obstacles, the three friends start to wonder if their relationships are strong enough to survive. But no matter what, their…

Category:Women’s Divorce Fiction, Women’s Historical Fiction, Women’s Literary Fiction

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