Arguing For Evolution An Encyclopedia For Understanding Science[pdf]

Arguing For Evolution An Encyclopedia For Understanding Science
pdf | 4.37 MB | English | Isbn:B007XHCGC8 |
Author: Cotner, Sehoya.,Moore, Randy | PAge: 346 | Year: 2011


This timely encyclopedia presents an arsenal of evidence for evolution that goes beyond the typical textbook examples.
Arguing for Evolution: An Encyclopedia for Understanding Science provides readers with a single source for the scientific evidence supporting evolution. The book shows how scientists have tested the predictions of evolutionary theory and created an unshakeable foundation of evidence supporting its truth. As such, it demonstrates how evolution serves as a case study for understanding the scientific method and presents a logical model for scientific inquiry.
The evidence for evolution is presented historically and topically in an accessible, example-rich, and logical format, using an arsenal of examples that goes beyond the typical textbook matter. The chapters are structured around a series of hypotheses that the authors put to the test, amassing evidence on fossils, comparative anatomy, molecules, and evolutionary biology in order to conclude that evolution is scientific fact. Learning about this fascinating field is enhanced through "see for yourself" examples that include original data and figures from key historical and contemporary papers in evolutionary biology.

• More than 100 historical and contemporary examples of the evidence for evolution
• Images of places, people, and artifacts that have been important in the effort to understand life’s origins

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