Red Corona – Tim Glister

Red Corona – Tim Glister
epub | 1.07 MB | English | Isbn:B08942JSHH |
Author: Tim Glister | PAge: 132 | Year: 2020


A veteran journalist’s provocative thoughts on demacy with help from his dog, Blackjack, told with sparkling humor, delightful dog tales, and fascinating stories from history, nature and human endeavor, all in support of a theme: how a handful of people got control of our country, and how we can change that. On a journey like the one John Steinbeck recounted in Travels with Charley, Home with Jack paints a picture with a rich palette: how a Native American’s son defined the “white” race, how a white woman’s son led the Comanche nation, and how racially charged fearmongering, not lofty ideals, sparked the American Revolution. From the beauty of “Virginia’s Switzerland, where sheep climb a volcano near the world’s largest electric battery, there are stories about slavery and cigarettes, black rock and climate change, fireflies and migrating raptors, dialects and misunderstanding, the most consequential game ever played, and the origins of the American dream. Also on tap: why Steinbeck’s books were burned, the perils of unchecked capitalism, socialized golf, high-level treason, war as a racket, the specter of fascism, the John Birch Society, a President and the KKK, Henry Ford’s “war on Christmas,” and the man who went to prison for making “The Spirit of ’76,” a historically accurate movie the public never saw. Then it’s on to electric cars, light bulbs and big-screen TVs, Norman Rockwell and the Golden Rule, the man who made it rain too much, billion-year-old fossils and the Higgs boson, the nature of viruses, and an unlikely victory for hope. And much more.

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