National Reflections on the Netherlands Didactics of Mathematics

National Reflections on the Netherlands Didactics of Mathematics
pdf | 9.66 MB | English | Isbn:B083SG8KS3 |
Author: Marja Van den Heuvel-Panhuizen | PAge: 348 | Year: 2020


This open access book, inspired by the ICME 13 Thematic Afternoon on “European Didactic Traditions”, consists of 17 chapters, in which educators from the Netherlands reflect on the teaching and learning of mathematics in their country and the role of the Dutch domain-specific instruction theory of Realistic Mathematics Education.Written by mathematics teachers, mathematics teacher educators, school advisors, and developers and researchers in the field of instructional material, textbooks, and examinations, the book offers a multitude of perspectives on important issues in Dutch mathematics education, both at primary and secondary school levels. Topics addressed include the theoretical underpinnings of the Dutch approach, the subject of mathematics in the Dutch educational system, teacher education and testing, the history of mathematics education and the use of history in teaching of mathematics, changes over time in subject matter domains and in the use of technology, and the process of innovation and how the Dutch and in particular one Dutch institute have worked on the reform.

Category:Education Assessment, Educational Psychology, Educational Professional Development

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