Medical Physiology by Walter F Boron Emile L Boulpaep

Medical Physiology by Walter F Boron Emile L Boulpaep
pdf | 126.82 MB | English | Isbn:B01DSRRV3A |
Author: Walter F. Boron | PAge: 3292 | Year: 2016


For a comprehensive understanding of human physiology – from molecules to systems -turn to the latest edition of Medical Physiology. This updated textbook is known for its unparalleled depth of information, equipping students with a solid foundation for a future in medicine and healthcare, and providing clinical and research professionals with a reliable go-to reference. Complex concepts are presented in a clear, concise, and logically organized format to further facilitate understanding and retention.

  • Clear, didactic illustrations visually present processes in a clear, concise manner that is easy to understand.
  • Intuitive organization and consistent writing style facilitates navigation and comprehension.
  • Takes a strong molecular and cellular approach that relates these concepts to human physiology and disease.

  • An increased number of clinical correlations provides a better understanding of the practical applications of physiology in medicine.
  • Highlights new breakthroughs in molecular and cellular processes, such as the role of epigenetics, necroptosis, and ion channels in physiologic processes, to give insights into human development, growth, and disease.
  • Several new authors offer fresh perspectives in many key sections of the text, and meticulous editing makes this multi-authored resource read with one unified voice.
  • Includes electronic accessto 10 animations and copious companion notes prepared by the Editors.

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