Living Earth Community

Living Earth Community
pdf | 19.5 MB | English | Isbn:B088ZNFW37 |
Author: Sam Mickey, Mary Evelyn Tucker, John Grim | PAge: 288 | Year: 2020


Living Earth Community is a gift to the bewildered world. It asks the most urgent and crucial question of our time: what worldview will supplant the materialist, dualist, narcissist paradigm that has led the world to the edge of devastation? This book seeks answers from wise and creative thinkers who find remarkable new ideas in the confluence of ecological, religious, and Indigenous traditions. If you are looking for reasons to believe that humans can find a way through the unfolding catastrophe, this is your book, your hope, your answer.

– Kathleen Dean Moore, author of Great Tide Rising: Toward Clarity and Moral Courage in a Time of Planetary Change

So why are we in such a predicament? The contributors to Living Earth Community trace our discontents to a kind of cultural amnesia. In our rush to progress we forgot deeper sources of wisdom and with it the calm awareness that humankind is a part of the larger community of life in the unfolding cosmic story. We’ve been looking for meaning, as it were, in all the wrong places. It is both much simpler yet far more grand than we’ve imagined. From varied perspectives, the essays here shed the bright light of remembrance and reverence.

– David Orr, author of Hope is an Imperative, Down to the Wire, and Ecological Literacy

In the modern industrial period we have lost our sense of resonant relationships with Earth’s ecosystems and species. This book revitalizes those relationships and reawakens the desire to participate in the fecundity of Earth’s creative processes. As such it is an invaluable contribution to our way forward.

– Brian Thomas Swimme, co-author of Journey of the Universe

Living Earth Community: Multiple Ways of Being and Knowing is a celebration of the diversity of ways in which humans can relate to the world around them, and an invitation to its readers to partake in planetary coexistence. Innovative, informative, and highly accessible, this interdisciplinary anthology of essays brings together scholars, writers and educators across the sciences and humanities, in a collaborative effort to illuminate the different ways of being in the world and the different kinds of knowledge they entail – from the ecological knowledge of Indigenous communities, to the scientific knowledge of a biologist and the embodied knowledge communicated through storytelling.

This anthology examines the interplay between Nature and Culture in the setting of our current age of ecological crisis, stressing the importance of addressing these ecological crises occurring around the planet through multiple perspectives. These perspectives are exemplified through diverse case studies – from the political and ethical implications of thinking with forests, to the capacity of storytelling to motivate action, to the worldview of the Indigenous Okanagan community in British Columbia.

Living Earth Community: Multiple Ways of Being and Knowing synthesizes insights from across a range of academic fields, and highlights the potential for synergy between disciplinary approaches and inquiries. This anthology is essential reading not only for researchers and students, but for anyone interested in the ways in which humans interact with the community of life on Earth, especially during this current period of environmental emergency.

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