Modeling Of Asphalt Concrete

Modeling Of Asphalt Concrete
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Author: Kim, Y. Richard. | PAge: 482 | Year: 2005


This Geotechnical Special Publication contains papers presented during the symposium on Mechanics of Flexible Pavements, part of the 2005 Joint ASME/ASCE/SES Conference on Mechanics and Materials, held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on June 1-3, 2005. The papers in this publication focus on important topics in pavement engineering such as; modeling asphalt concrete response at the microstructural level, development and numerical implementation of constitutive models, and experimental characterization of asphalt concrete under different loading and environmental conditions. They also highlight the numerical implementation of micromechanical models that focus on establishing the linkage between the properties of asphalt concrete constituents and the macroscopic response. This proceedings is a synthesis of the recent advances in pavement mechanics, and will be beneficial to engineers working with pavement analysis, design, and performance prediction.

Category:Concrete Materials Engineering, Physics of Mechanics

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