The Having – Suh Yoon Lee

The Having – Suh Yoon Lee
epub | 6.71 MB | English | Isbn:1524763411 |
Author: Suh Yoon Lee, Jooyun Hong | PAge: 227 | Year: 2019


A guru from South Korea shares the groundbreaking solution to building your fortune using your emotion and opens the door to a new world full of hope and prosperity.

When Wharton MBA Jooyun Hong went searching for the key to increasing wealth in a time of growing inequality, she did not expect to find herself studying under a famed and fascinating guru, known for advising the 1% of South Korea. She now shares what she learned from the guru in this life-changing narrative, and it starts with a simple emotion she calls Having.

Suh Yoon Lee, a magnetic woman in her thirties, was identified as a guru at the age of six and set off on a course of study ranging from classical Asian texts to economics to an analysis of 100,000 case studies to reveal the true secrets of growing rich. A bestselling author and insightful thinker sought after by the richest people in the nation, Suh Yoon Lee retreated into seclusion, troubled by the impact her guidance to the wealthy…

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