The Grifter’s Club – Sarah Blaskey

The Grifter’s Club – Sarah Blaskey
epub | 3.44 MB | English | Isbn:B08CN9P37N |
Author: Sarah Blaskey | PAge: 329 | Year: 2020


An astonishing look inside the gilded gates of Mar-a-Lago, the palatial resort where President Trump conducts government business with little regard for ethics, security, or even the law.Donald Trump’s opulent Palm Beach club Mar-a-Lago has thrummed with scandal since the earliest days of his presidency. Long known for its famous and wealthy clientele, the resort’s guest list soon started filling with political operatives and power-seekers. Meanwhile, as Trump re-branded Mar-a-Lago "the Winter White House" and began spending weekends there, state business spilled out into full view of the club’s members, and vast sums of taxpayer money and political donations began flowing into its coffers, and into the pockets of the president.
The Grifters’ Club is a breakthrough account of the corruption, intrigue, and absurdity that has been on display in the place where the president is at his most relaxed. In these pages, a team of prizewinning Miami…

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