Problems And Solutions In Scientific Computing Steeb Hardy Hardy Stoop

Problems And Solutions In Scientific Computing Steeb Hardy Hardy Stoop
pdf | 12.65 MB | English | Isbn:978-9812561251 |
Author: Ruedi Stoop | PAge: 431 | Year: 2004


Scientific computing is a collection of tools, techniques and theories required to develop and solve mathematical models in science and engineering on a computer. This timely book provides the various skills and techniques needed in scientific computing. The topics range in difficulty from elementary to advanced, and all the latest fields in scientific computing are covered such as matrices, numerical analysis, neural networks, genetic algorithms, etc.Presented in the format of problems and detailed solutions, important concepts and techniques are introduced and developed. Many problems include software simulations. Algorithms have detailed implementations in C++ or Java. This book will prove to be invaluable not only to students and research workers in the fields of scientific computing, but also to teachers of this subject who will find this text useful as a supplement.The topics discussed in this book are part of the e-learning and distance learning courses conducted by the International School of Scientific Computing, South Africa.

Category:Discrete Mathematics, Computer Neural Networks, Computer Software

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