DIY Face Masks Patterns – Rebecca Lane

DIY Face Masks Patterns – Rebecca Lane
epub | 18.73 MB | English | Isbn:B08DDHYZ1R |
Author: Rebecca Lane | PAge: 64 | Year: 2020


Over 15 DIY face Masks Patterns with Step by Step Illustrations
Face masks are made mandatory in many countries and their demand is not going to slide soon. In the wake of pandemic around the world, people used to make use of face masks in their routines and it is, therefore, a good idea to craft one that fits your needs and is easy to design.
Availability of mask stocks are in short supply as coronavirus has spread, and clothing brands and carmakers have begun producing them to safeguard health workers and others. You shouldn’t be left out as well.
What I have cover in this book
How to make face masks if you are a complete beginner
Step by step tutorial with illustrations
Pleated cloth masks, Cotton Masks, Reusable Masks, and Many more
The tools and materials you need to put together a face mask, which is right there in your home.
What are face masks and why DIY face masks are necessary…

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