Thorogood The A Z Of Management Concepts And Models 2005 Isbn1854183850

Thorogood The A Z Of Management Concepts And Models 2005 Isbn1854183850
pdf | 3.51 MB | English | Isbn:978-1854183903 |
Author: Paul Wallis | PAge: 441 | Year: 2005


A major reference book covering all the essential concepts, models and ratios applied in business and management practice. The book contains 124 detailed entries, from Balanced scorecard and the Boston matrix, the Experience curve, Kaizen, McKinsey’s 7S model, Porter’s generic strategies, Relative cost position and Sustainable development to Six sigma, Value-based management, Yield management and Zero-based planning.

How many people bandy around terms such as Activity-based costing and Value-based management without really understanding their meaning? This is a well-researched and accessible source of reference which provides clear definitions, balanced comment and valuable insights for all the entries. It will prove to be a reference book of constant value to practitioners in business and management, government, the public sector and not-for-profit organisations, as well as for academics and students in universities and business schools.

There are charts and diagrams throughout. The book is fully indexed and each entry ends with further recommended reading.

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