The Ethical Meat Handbook, Revised and Expanded

The Ethical Meat Handbook, Revised and Expanded
epub | 18.7 MB | English | Isbn:B07S215WNN |
Author: Meredith Leigh | PAge: 320 | Year: 2020


A delicious alternative to the status quo when it comes to how we farm, cook, and eat
Nutrition, environmental impact, ethics, sustainability – it seems like there’s no end to the food factors we must consider. At the center of the dietary storm is animal-based agriculture. Was your beef factory farmed or pasture-raised? Did your chicken free range, or was it raised in a battery cage? Have you, in short, met your meat?
Most efforts to unravel the complexities of the production and consumption of animals tend to pit meat eaters and vegetarians against each other. 
In this 2nd edition of The Ethical Meat Handbook, author Meredith Leigh argues that by assuming responsibility for the food on our fork and the route by which it gets there, animals can be an optimal source of food, fiber, and environmental management. This new edition covers:

  • Integrating animals into your garden or homestead
  • Step-by-step color photos for…
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