Purple Chips – John Schwinghamer

Purple Chips – John Schwinghamer
epub | 12.2 MB | English | Isbn:B008ATE6QM |
Author: John Schwinghamer | PAge: 173 | Year: 2012


How to make money investing in high-quality, low-risk stocks
Purple Chips presents a unique stock-picking method based on identifying great companies based on simple visual examinations of financial health, applying three basic criteria to distinguish high-performing purple chip stocks from mere blue chip investments. The book also delves into the psychology of investing, arguing that most investors are better suited to winning small gains often and losing occasionally, rather than taking small losses often and winning big from time to time. In seven succinct chapters that feature plenty of helpful examples, graphs, and charts, author John Schwinghamer presents a simple and effective way to win with stocks. For more information, please visit www.PurpleChips.com.

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