Master Shots Volume 2 – Shooting Great Dialogue Scenes

Master Shots Volume 2 – Shooting Great Dialogue Scenes
pdf | 4.31 MB | Chinese | Isbn:B0167RQVMA |
Author: Christopher Kenworthy | PAge: 183 | Year: 2015


This is the ChineseSimplified version. Dialogue scenes are the most important moments in your film, but most directors get them wrong.

If you block your scenes well, you do more than capture the basic scene; you echo the meaning, emotion, and drama of every moment. That is never more important than with dialogue.

Whatever your budget, there is an exciting way to capture dialogue.

It is a tragedy that so many directors are happy to open a scene with a moving master shot, and then just settle into dull coverage for the dialogue. You can do better than that and Master Shots Vol 2 gives you 100 ways to shoot dynamic dialogue.

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