Himalayan Traditional Architecture – With Special Reference to the Western Himalay…

Himalayan Traditional Architecture – With Special Reference to the Western Himalayan Region
epub | 7.36 MB | English | Isbn:B08ND5HLKP |
Author: O.C. Handa | PAge: 430 | Year: 2020


The ancient monuments in the Himalayan interiors are already well-known to scholars the world over for their artistic grandeur. However, little is known about the equally interesting traditional secular architecture – the dwelling houses and other such structures. Made of local material, mostly wood, these buildings form an organic part of the Himalayan biosphere. These buildings, built in different environmental settings, have been cost-effective, congenial, functional and eco-friendly, blending harmoniously with their surroundings. The present work deals with the secular architecture of this region in a holistic manner. How the geo-physical, ethnic, socio-economic and religio-cultural multiplicities have contributed to the development of a variegated architectural mosaic in the Himalayan region, has been lucidly and methodically brought out. An exhaustive glossary of the local technical terms is added for further information. Traditional wisdom in planning and architecture, and functional structural aspects may prove valuable for modern house planning, especially as modern builders seek compatible and eco-friendly architecture in the Vastushastra. Thus, this pioneering work is not only useful and interesting for social scientists and professionals, but for the general reader as well.

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