Food And Beverage Management Fourth Edition

Food And Beverage Management Fourth Edition
pdf | 9.99 MB | English | Isbn:978-0750667302 |
Author: Bernard Davis, et al. | PAge: 447 | Year: 2008


Food and Beverage Management 4e provides a complete introduction to this vital area of hospitality management.

Now in its fourth edition, this best-selling text has been completely revised and restructured to reflect current practice and teaching and includes updated information on all areas, especially technology, operations and staffing issues. Each chapter has a user friendly structure including aims, exercises and further study hints.

Food and Beverage Management 4e is the introductory bible for people entering food and beverage management studies or practice.

* What is quality and how to manage it
* Getting started in the restaurant business
* Menu planning
* Food and beverage operations and control
* Staffing issues including recruitment and turnover
* Marketing including public relations and merchandising
* Trends and development including franchising and environmental issues

* Real-life cases from industry leaders, including practical examples and illustrations to clearly explain the critical points raised
* Fully revised and updated with new material relating to food and beverage management operations and technology
* Support from online lecturer material with PowerPoint slides, solutions to exercises, extra case studies and web links

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