The Fandom of David Bowie – Everyone Says Hi

The Fandom of David Bowie – Everyone Says Hi
pdf, epub | 5.5 MB | English | Isbn:B07V45XCWQ |
Author: Toija Cinque, Sean Redmond | PAge: 237 | Year: 2019


Built from stories and memories shared by self-defined David Bowie fans, this
book explores how Bowie existed as a figure of renewal and redemption,
resonating in particular with those marginalized by culture and society. Sean
Redmond and Toija Cinque draw on personal interviews, memorabilia, diaries,
letters, communal gatherings and shared conversation to find out why Bowie
mattered so much to the fans that idolized him. Contextualising the identification 
streams that have emerged around David Bowie, the book highlights his remarkable influence.

Category:Psychology of Personalities, Emotions & Mental Health, Cultural Anthropology

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