Smart Grids and Big Data Analytics for Smart Cities

Smart Grids and Big Data Analytics for Smart Cities
pdf | 15.32 MB | English | Isbn:B08MDCYL9N |
Author: Chun Sing Lai | PAge: 412 | Year: 2020


This book provides a comprehensive introduction to different elements of smart city infrastructure – smart energy, smart water, smart health, and smart transportation – and how they work independently and together. Theoretical development and practical applications are presented, along with related standards, recommended practices, and professional guidelines. Throughout the book, diagrams and case studies are provided that demonstrate the systems presented, and extensive use of scenarios helps readers better grasp how smart grids, the Internet of Things, big data analytics, and trading models can improve road safety, healthcare, smart water management, and a low-carbon economy. A must-read for practicing engineers, consultants, regulators, utility operators, and environmentalists involved in smart city development, the book will also appeal to city planners and designers, as well as upper-level undergraduate and graduate students studying energy, environmental science, technology, economics, signal processing, information science, and power engineering.

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