Slack Application For Dummies – A Beginners Guide to Slack Application[epub, mobi…

Slack Application For Dummies – A Beginners Guide to Slack Application
epub, mobi, azw | 7.74 MB | English | Isbn:B08NRNLV8V |
Author: BENEDICT, BONIFACE | PAge: 104 | Year: 2020


The Slack application has made messaging and collaborating with teams to become effortless.
One of the many pros of utilizing this management software is the way it connects your workspace with vital tools and integrations.
You can get more work done when you understand and have the know-how skills needed to navigate through Slack; this book is your go-to guide if you want to have better discussions, share files, make calls, integrate third-party Apps, customize your Slack workspace and channels.
In this book, you will learn all the features of the Slack application as it pertains to knowing what’s new on the app, setting up channels; including the roles of workspace admins and individual roles.
More tutorials you would see in this book are:
•How to join and create an account
•How to change profile photo and edit profile on Slack
•How to invite teams to your workspace and channel
•How to add another workspace
•How to switch between workspaces
•How to create a channel for your team
•How to lock a channel
•Message on Slack
•How to use threads
•How to create private groups
•How to access your channels details and things you can do there
•How to star your favorite things
•How to customize Slack to your liking
•How to import and export data on Slack
•How to setup permissions as an admin
•Two-factor authentication management by admins
•How to manage members
•How to create post
•How to create a code or text snippet
•How to access and use emoji
•How to add custom emoji on Slack workspace
•How to use the search button to filter results
•How to access keyboard shortcuts for moving around Slack quickly
Your knowledge of the Slack application will be expanded in this user guide as you would learn all these and many more in this book’s content.

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