Polymer-Mediated Phase Stability of Colloids

Polymer-Mediated Phase Stability of Colloids
pdf | 8.67 MB | English | Isbn:B07ZQTW7V1 |
Author: Álvaro González García | PAge: 162 | Year: 2019


Colloid-polymer mixtures are subject of intensive research due to their wide range of applicability, for instance in coatings and food-stuffs. This thesis constitutes a fundamental investigation towards a better control over the stability of such suspensions. Through the chapters, different key parameters governing the stability of colloid-polymer mixtures are explored. How the colloid (pigment) shape and the effective polymer-colloid affinity modulate the stability of the suspension are examples of these key parameters. Despise the mostly theoretical results presented, the thesis is written in a format accessible to a broad scientific audience. Some of the equations of state presented might of direct use to experimentalists.  Furthermore, new theoretical insights about colloid-polymer mixtures are put forward. These include four-phase coexistences in effective two-component, quantification of depletant partitioning at high colloidal concentrations, multiple re-entrant phase behaviour of the colloidal fluid-solid coexistence, and a condition where polymers are neither depleted nor adsorbed from/to the colloidal surface.

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