Online Influence – Boost Your results with proven behavioral science

Online Influence – Boost your results with proven behavioral science
epub | 29.51 MB | English | Isbn:B08LCFBT4Q |
Author: Groen, Joris, Wouters, Bas | PAge: 508 | Year: 2020


How do you turn visitors into buyers? And dropouts into sign-ups? Cleverly applying behavioral psychology will massively increase the results of your website, app, or online campaign. Psychologist and web designer Joris Groen and persuasion guru Bas Wouters explain in detail what works and what doesn’t – and why.In this book, you will find specific and easily applicable guidelines, based on 40 years of practical experience and the insights of today’s most important behavioral scientists, such as Fogg, Cialdini and Kahneman.With more than 40 real-life success cases and over 150 illustrations of dos and don’ts, this is the most complete and practical guide to designing and improving your online customer journey. "A true gift" – Dr. Robert Cialdini

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