Low-Carb For Really Busy People Cookbook – 150 tasty, quick and easy recipes[epub,…

Low-Carb For Really Busy People Cookbook – 150 tasty, quick and easy recipes
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Author: Brady Jones | PAge: 210 | Year: 2020


Low-Carb For Really Busy People Cookbook
: The Low Carb Cookbook with over 150 tasty, quick and easy recipes.
Our daily food plays an far more important role than most people imagine. Because it brings you energy. It brings your body the substances it needs for child growth, regeneration and healing, and health.   It means that the food determines everything and it can make you feel powerful or tired. It can make your wounds heal quickly or slowly. Eating can improve your health or make you sick.
Food is so important to give you energy, regenerate your body and strengthen your health, but it has to be the right food. In order for you to enjoy eating the right food, it must be varied.

In our opinion, the right food is low carb. This food gives you the energy you need, it does not make you fat, it gives your body the substances it needs to regenerate and heal and it strengthens your health.
You want to eat it. Therefore, there are many recipes which follow this diet. You can cook, vary and experiment for yourself and develop and realize your own ideas with it.
In this book you will find out:
✪ What low carb is, why it is so awesome and  you should start with it today
✪ Low carb diet and how to use it properly
✪ How you can avoid the yo-yo effect
✪ What about the LDL and the HDL
✪ You also get ☛ 2 extra bonuses
✪ A surprise that you will like
✪ and much more
But that’s not all.
Low carb for working people, they cannot find time every day but they still want to eat healthy and tasty.
Getting started with a new diet can sometimes be difficult, so we have put together recipes that are easy to prepare.
In all recipes, we have tried to make the steps as short and simple as possible without adding unnecessary passages.
This book also contains a nutrition plan for the first week. This  bookwill help you to adjust to the new diet without making the change too radical. You will soon notice how it makes eating and cooking fun again.
As a bonus, you will also find a shopping list in this book with all the foods that support low carb. You will receive valuable tips on what to look for and what you can do better.  It finds very easy for you to plan your purchase and actually implement the low carb diet in your life.
Why should you choose this guide?
Do you think you do not have enough time to cook in a balanced and varied way? Can we at "Smart Kitchen" help you to cook healthy, tasty and fast at the same time?
We asked ourselves this question over and over again and finally came to the conclusion: Yes! This works out! And we’ll show you how.
With our recipe books, we give you simple step-by-step instructions on how you can conjure up great dishes in a balanced, tasty way without much effort and in a short time.

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