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Peter Corris Cliff Hardy 38 Dunbar Case (v5)

Peter Corris   Cliff Hardy 38   Dunbar Case (v5)
Peter Corris Cliff Hardy 38 Dunbar Case (v5)
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Descirption: Private Investigator Cliff Hardy's 39th case sees him leaving the mean streets of Sydney for Newcastle, investigating what a famous 19th century shipwreck has to do with a multi-million dollar heist with a cast of characters that shouldn't be trusted.
This wasn't Hardy's usual brief--uncover the mysteries of a nineteenth-century shipwreck--but he could do with an easy case and the retainer was generous.
But is it ever that simple? Not with a notorious crime family tearing itself apart, and an undercover cop playing both sides against the middle. These and an alluring but fiercely ambitious female journalist give Hardy all the trouble he can handle.
'Ever feel manipulated?' Hardy asks. The body count mounts up as he pushes closer to the truth about the mystery and the loot.

From Publishers Weekly
In Australian author Corris's intriguing well-paced 32nd novel featuring Sydney PI Cliff Hardy (after 2012's Comeback), the investigator tries to untangle a mystery surrounding the sinking of the luxury ship Dunbar in 1857. Academic Henry Wakefield enlists Cliff's help with researching a previously unknown Dunbar survivor, William Dalgarno Twizell, whose only living descendant, great-grandson John Dalgarno Twizell, is in jail. John's a rough character, and the even rougher family headed by mobster Jobe Tanner has it in for him, so when Cliff makes contact with John, the Tanners make contact with Cliff. At issue are valuable historical documents and a hidden fortune, and there are some who are willing to kill for these treasures. Cliff, despite a quadruple bypass and a permanent limp, remains tough enough and savvy enough to give as good as he gets, while complications and the body count both mount. (Oct.)

From Booklist
It's been a few years since Australian PI Cliff Hardy got his license back. He's still getting back up to speed when a university professor approaches him with a mystery involving the century-and-a-half-old wreck of a luxury liner. Cliff figures it should be smooth sailing, but, as fans of the long-running Hardy series know, Cliff's cases have a tendency to get real complicated, real quick. What starts out as a mostly research job (Cliff is trying to find out if there was a previously unrecorded survivor of the wreck and whether the survivor's descendant, a man named Twizell, might know anything about some jewels that were on board the ship) turns into a potentially dangerous situation involving a powerful crime figure (whose daughter, it seems, Twizell brutally assaulted and for which assault he's currently in prison, although he'll happily provide information on his ancestor in exchange for parole). This series debuted nearly 35 years ago, and, despite its being relatively little known in the U.S., you won't find too many mystery series that run this long with such consistently high quality. --David Pitt