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Beyond the Known by Andrew Rader

Beyond the Known by Andrew Rader
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Descirption: From brilliant young polymath Andrew Rader-an MIT-credentialed scientist, popular podcast host, and SpaceX mission manager-an illuminating chronicle of exploration that spotlights humans' insatiable desire to continually push into new and uncharted territory, from civilization's earliest days to current planning for interstellar travel.
For the first time in history, the human species has the technology to destroy itself. But having developed that power, humans are also able to leave Earth and voyage into the vastness of space. After millions of years of evolution, we've arrived at the point where we can settle other worlds and begin the process of becoming multi-planetary. How did we get here? What does the future hold for us?

Divided into four accessible sections, Beyond the Known examines major periods of discovery and rediscovery, from Classical Times, when Phoenicians, Persians and Greeks ventured forth; to The Age of European Exploration,...